Spaces.. Places.. People.. Soul.. Breath.. Light.. Emotions.. Life.. End of Life..

Empty Places explores the relationship of people and the buildings/places that enclose their lives, using as a paradigm places in my life.

When thinking of this relationship several issues emerge. Since the human body is the enclosure, the housing of the soul, then buildings by extension of being the houses of humans, become the houses of emotions. Furthermore, I believe that buildings can acquire a soul, by the mere fact that they are the enclosures and the acting stages of the emotional worlds of the people that live in or pass through them. Light is the breath of a building, so I search for this soul in the light that enters and leaves a space. Places can conjure up memories of emotions.

These images represent private and public places intimately familiar to me that were about to change forever or that I wouldn't have access to anymore. They form a visual personal diary. By capturing the light of these places I try to preserve stages in my life, two dimensional records of the feeling of being there.

While the personal references should be irrelevant for the viewer's consideration of this work, I hope that the viewer will develop a personal feel for the image, an engagement into the atmosphere of the photograph, a response to the usually fleeting light. And it is the image and its light that will function in the same way as a fragrance or a song do, both having the capacity to generate different feelings and different memories to different people.

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